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Marcus - Guitarist

Marcus, the youngest member of the band managed to persuade Hugh that they should take DR!FTWOOD from their college basement to the stage and has never looked back since. Marcus and Hugh spend most of the time discussing ideas for songs and make sure they try to write at least one song each time they are together.

About us

Driftwood is a three-piece band formed of Hugh Aitchison, Nathan Walker and Marcus Maddock. Originally formed as a two-piece at the age of 16 Marcus and Hugh gigged for two years before Marcus met Nathan at BIMM London.


Naturally gifted, and you can hear that within their sound. The influences from The 1975, Busted and Ed Sheeran shine through in their self-titled debut album and numerous EPs



Coming a long way from their EP, Driftwood are branching out their sound to utilize exciting new technology to explore new ways they can enhance the raw talent behind each of them.

Hugh - Singer

Undoubtedly the most style conscious of the group Hugh has been a key influence in the style and image the band portray. Running in to Marcus by chance on a camping get away with college friends the pair instantly began to develop ideas of forming a band, swapping influences and deciding on a sound.

Nathan - Drummer

Joined DR!FTWOOD in December of 2015 and began performing live with the band in early 2016. Originally from Hull, Nathan and Marcus shared a house in London for their first year at BIMM London. When the boys began jamming they knew they were on to something special. 


Registered in England and Wales

Companies Registered Number: 11339985


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